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Superdrug's Blending Sponge

June 12, 2016


This Latex free bending sponge looks just like the famous Beauty Blender. 

I like the Beauty Blender. I have blogged about it before as well as the Real Techniques miracle sponge. 


Basically these egg shaped sponges are a fail safe way to apply makeup and achieve a beautifully blended result. 


I'm a fan of these. However, I am not a fan of spending £16 a pop for a Beauty Blender. Don't get me wrong, I have spent out for them. But, if I can find a product 1/3 of the price thats does just as good a job I am going to save, save, save. I picked this up for under £5. 


So when I saw Superdrug have created their own blending sponge that is latex free I had to purchase it. 


It's bigger and denser in comparison to the Beauty Blender. It's quite a firm sponge. 

It is tear drop shaped and has a soft point, great for getting into the corners or your eyes and around your nose. 


Once wet it expands and becomes softer and squishier. It has a lovely micro smooth surface. I find the Real Techniques miracle sponge pores are a little more open and it doesnt achieve as smooth an effect. 


How to use?

  • Place  the sponge under running water. 

  • Rinse out the excess water. 

  • Do this several times until the sponge reaches it's full size.

  • Put foundation on to the back of your hand. 

  • Put the sponge into the makeup and press it into the skin. 

  • If you choose to use in a swiping motion you will get a lighter coverage. If you press and roll the product into the skin you will get more coverage. 

  • You can apply not just your foundation but all your skincare, cream products, blushes and highlighters with this sponge. 

  • Some people even apply their setting powder. 


To Clean

  • Run under water and use an antibacterial soap.

  • Keep rinsing until no makeup is left on the sponge and the water runs clear. 

  • Leave the sponge out to dry.

  • Do not put it in the box or a plastic bag. Fungus can grow so its important you let the sponge air dry. 

  • Try to clean your sponge every time you use it to increase its life span. 

  • I would suggest getting a new one every 3 months. 


I like this sponge it creates a nice even finish, it is a good shape and it's affordable. 


I would give this a go if your interested in purchasing a Beauty Blender. Especially, if like me you're more concerned with how something works and saving pennies than having a named product. 


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